I am an Art and Creative Director based in London, specializing in image direction within the fashion industry. Throughout my career, I have pursued opportunities to expand my knowledge and technical skills in various artistic practices, including 3D rendering, animation, and custom typography for print.

My journey first began as a graphic designer. While at Wonderland magazine, where I naturally evolved into an Art Director. In this role, I led campaigns, brand advertorial projects, and editorials, while managing a team of creatives to bring my ideas to life. Along the way, I have established strong relationships with photographers, stylists, videographers and highly influencial indivuduals rooted in todays culture.

Moving forward from publication and going in-house I took on the challenge of elevating the creative output of Axel Arigato as it expands into move of a premium market. With my artistic direction, the brand has gained recognition and respect within the industry picking up collaboartions with Mulberry, breaking through into the United States, as well as considerable increased engagement on social media platforms pushing the brand over the 1 million mark.

Most recently I have taken on the role as the Senior Art Director at Commion Studio leading the creative team & account for Zegna under the Creative Director.

My contributions have made a significant impact on the organizations I have worked with. At Wonderland, I ushered in a new era of art direction, graphic design, and photographic contributions while introducing more sustainable production processes for paper and printing. With Axel Arigato, I have laid a blueprint foundation for the brand to continue its growth in image making and brand strategy. As a fashion creative, I aspire to represent the next generation of individuals who will influence and shape culture.

Armani Beauty
Axel Arigato
Emporio Armani
Hugo Boss
Les Boys Les Girls

Moose Knuckles
Russell Athletic
Tommy Hilfiger